Top 10 tips for washing your motorcycle

cleaningNo one likes washing, but if you are able to bring your bike to showroom style quality, it may feel as new as it did before. Hence, following tips can help you bring the shine back after a long ride of the week, I love riding motorcycles and have since I was young, so I like to share my tips!

1. Preparation

First of all, remove all electronic gadgets on the bike, including the GPS. Then remove all tanks, luggage and bags that are there. Keep all cleaning stuff with you. This may include, soap, detergent, metal and paint polish, bug remover, toothbrush and washcloth, microfiber towels and rugs.

2. When and Where to Wash

It is best to do cleaning in your own backyard or where you reside. Using commercial areas, streets and public places is not preferable. Try also not to clean with detergent in direct sunlight or in daylight as it may dry up all the detergent. After you ride the bike, let it cool down before you clean or wash it to stop any water damage to the engine. Try using clean water and always make sure to use clean cloth to wipe off the parts. If you prefer green wash, do it in your own garden to let the grass have the water rather than wasting it.

3. Wash When required

Over washing your bike can damage the parts and reduce the life of the engine. Try cleaning it one a month or when it gets very dirty. Excessive or late cleaning can put stains on your parts and damage the lubrication of cables and engine oil. However, cleaning your bike after a mud encounter is always advisable.

4. Use clean water and approved detergents

Clean water is always the best thing to use and detergents that are not too harsh are the way to go. House hold cleaning items can damage chrome and paint work on your bike. Try wearing rubber gloves when cleaning and never use vinyl cleaners, which shine bright now but can be slippers later.

5. Doing High-pressured cleaning

Although high pressure cleaning is what everyone prefers, there is special caution to take when doing it. It is best not do apply high pressure on engine and other electronic parts, as well as vinyl seats. Try working on the bodywork and the wheels. If you use pressure cleaner on chains to clean mud, always lubricate chains back but do not over lubricate them.

6. Be sure to use right wiping material

If you wipe your bike, use proper rugs, washcloth, toothbrushes and sponges. Old toothbrushes can help remove dirt from radiators and your microfiber cloth can help clean surfaces while also protecting it.

7. Give attention to details

After you are done with the cleaning and washing process. It is good to see and wipe other parts where there may be water or detergent left. Wipe all cables and clean them properly. Use Tyre shine on the walls and do not over spray it, else you may lose vital grip.

8. Be Careful while waxing

Using cutting compound can have adverse effects on paintwork. Use wax that adds a layer, rather than taking one off. A good wax can help protect from UV rays and can act as a efficient barrier too. Always put polish on clean areas, and buff wax when you are done with a lint-free cloth.

9. Using WD40

Many consider it vital to get rid of excess water that may have had left while cleaning and washing process. Always read instructions on the can and follow the rules while re-greasing or spraying wax on the chains.

10. Dry you Bike

So after all that hard work you just did, it is time to let the bike dry. Try not to keep it in direct sunlight and ride slowly to pump out excess water that may have been still present there. Wipe your bike again with a microfiber cloth when you return home. Be sure there is no water, else bike parts may erode and collect corrosion.

Also remember to keep your best helmet clean.

Useful Tips On Brewing Your Coffee

Brewing Your CoffeeBrewing your coffee is something you might do with great pleasure or you find it annoying, some do it slowly trying to enjoy the whole process (and especially what comes next), other ones do it in a hurry. Whatever your style is, we approve it, as long as you have found your own way to do it and it fits for you.

Still, there are certain tips and hints that you might find useful on to perhaps improve this experience and make it more satisfactory for you or, simply because good brewing means a very good coffee after all.

Depending on the coffee machine you use, of course the methodology of brewing the coffee will change from one to the other. Also, depending on what coffee you use, beans or grinded, mild or weak, brewing techniques vary. Still, we would first suggest four golden rules that apply to all:

  • Always use fresh coffee. The already grind coffee you may pick up of the supermarket shelves has a maximum of six months life, afterwards it is no longer fresh. Also, they offer it in big packs which means that you will also keep it several weeks at home and at the end, your coffee will just smell like it but taste nothing like it. If you are lucky enough to have a local coffee shop close to home or office, than you should definitely take advantage of it and buy your coffee fresh from this store. Also, try to purchase it frequently and in small quantities. This way it will always be fresh. People do not usually think about it, but fresh coffee gives a much more tasteful drink.
  • Grind your own coffee. If you can, purchase your coffee in beans and grind it yourself at home. Most of the espresso machines have an added process of grinding coffee (yes, they look exactly like the ones from the bar) that you can use for a better taste of your drink. Maybe you haven’t thought about it, but the truth is that upgrading yourself to a coffee grinder as well will result in a much more tasteful coffee. Try it!
  • Use filtered water. We all think that as long as the tap water is drinkable, it is suitable for anything else, cooking, making coffee etc. The truth is that even though tap water may be drinkable, it contains chemical elements (placed there for our safety) that will affect the final result and the taste of your coffee. So, whatever coffee machine you are using, filter the water before using it. You may be surprised of the result.
  • Keep away from the reach of children. Hot beverages and caffeine are two dangerous elements for your children (or the children of family and friends that you have invited at home), so always keep in mind to keep your coffee machines, coffee leftovers, coffee beans or cans away from the reach of children. They can get hyperactive if they have any.

SleepPro Custom Mouthpiece: Yes I Snore

sleeppro-customIf you have ventured into the wide selection of available Mandibular Advancement Device’s then you know that the decision can be difficult.

The SleepPro Custom is an upgraded version of the original SleepPro Standard. Both of them having their own perks, but for this review we will focus on the Custom Snoring Mouthpiece.

It functions just as other MAD’s do by holding your jaw in the forward position to maintain an open airway. Holding your jaw so that when you fall fast asleep it doesn’t roll back your throat. When this happens it causes the soft tissues in your mouth to vibrate when you breath—and a loud obnoxious noise comes out.

Let’s Take A Closer Look

As the name suggest this mouthpiece is a highly customizable mouthpiece. Unlike other MADs that utilize a boil and bite technique to give you a custom fit in the privacy of your own home.

This one creates your oral device in a laboratory. SleepPro sends you a professional dental mold kit, you mold it to your liking and send it to the lab to be manufactured.

When you are sent this product, you are going to notice how thin it is. This gives you a less bulky feeling in your mouth giving you a safe and highly comfortable fit. The dual air ports that come built into this device are what really set it a part from the rest. Giving you a high flow of breathing while you sleep.

The Perfect Fit

As mentioned above, SleepPro will send you a dental impression kit to mold your teeth to. When you receive it, inside will have teeth trays and dental-grade impression clay. You will put the clay into the tray and insert each one carefully into your mouth. Bite down onto the trays to leave the mold of your teeth, and then remove the trays gently.

Be careful not to rub them against your teeth while removing, or you can ruin the impression. Place the mold in the included container, and mail it back to the lab. As soon as your mouthpiece is made it will then be sent back to you, and be ready to use.



Designed to hold your jaw forward, keeping your airway clear

Advanced fitting process allows for a precise fit

Thin & Safe material takes up less mouth space

Airports for mouth breathing

Low Shipping charges

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

May cause soreness in the jaw & teeth

Higher price than other mouth-pieces but price fits the quality

Waiting period to receive your fitted mouth piece

If soaked or rinsed in hot water the material can become rough and uncomfortable

What Does It Cost?

The SleepPro Custom retails for about $199.99 plus the additional $8.25 for shipping. Although, if you have ordered the SleepPro Standard in the past six months you can receive an incredible discount of 20% on the Custom mouthpiece. SleepPro also offers you a 30-day money back guarantee o all of its devices.

Should I Buy It?

This MAD may be in the high price range. But if you purchased it through your dentist it would be in the thousands. So when you really look and compare, this device is at an extremely low price. If you have worn other MAD’s that use the boil and bite method and found them to be uncomfortable. You will find this device much more inviting.

With a precise custom fitting this device fits you almost perfectly. Not only that but with a light suction required to hold it in your mouth, you can forget about the usual soreness that you wake up with other MADs.

FDA approved, BPA-Free, and Latex-Free—do I need to say more?

I recommend this to anyone who is serious about ending their snoring once and for all. The benefits are just too overwhelming for you to pass up.

ForeverSpin Tops: Toy Review

You know what is cool these days for us old folks? Things that remind us of our childhood and let us cherish some good memories. When everything is so technology driven with all those features like apps, Bluetooth, connectivity blah, blah, blah; it feels nice to admire something simple and calm.


ForeverSpin took an initiative to beautifully craft a series of spinning tops with the finest metals and alloys out there including titanium, gold, silver, tungsten and a lot of other metals. These intriguing pieces of art are not just toys; they can also be a collectible item as well as a fine gift for someone which is simple and unique at the same time.

Before I write something else, I have to warn you guys that this toy can kill your productivity. During writing this article, I’ve been stopping every 3 minutes to spin my 24k Gold-Plated top to see how long it will spin this time. There is something intriguing about the sound it makes while it spins and there is always a curiosity that how long will it spin and how long will I be able to spin it next time. You might be wondering why I’m going on and on about a simple top but there really is more to this toy.
– The quality control of Foreverspin makes sure that all tops are perfectly balanced before they get a serial number and the company’s seal.
– CNC machining done on these toys is very precise.
– No joints or seams, all tops are made from a single piece of metal.
– There are Holographic Serial Numbers on every top.
– Comes with Lifetime Warranty

As most of the products are mass-produced these day, they lack quality, design, and durability. On the contrary, ForeverSpin makes sure that their customers get beautifully designed unique, tested and durable products. You should get someone you love one of these tops for a big occasion next time. At first, they might not understand the meaning of this gift but then they’ll keep it on their desk, spin it and then spin it again not on just a single occasion, every time they’ll be having some time on their hands and it’ll remind them of you.

Ideal Gifts for Collectors
If you are a collection enthusiast then you should buy something that is going to last forever, is unbreakable and fun. Don’t forget fun! ForeverSpin mainly focuses on clients who are looking for designs and collectibles. The prices of these tops vary depending on what metal you choose which can be bought between the price ranges of $40 to $195. You can either buy the tops individually or all at once for your working desk display. These entire toy tops collection although genuinely look like something you would find in a museum.

Jackson Galaxy Air Prey Wand and Laser Teaser Toy for Cats

jason-galaxyOur website features a lot of toy reviews, ranging from high-tech toys to ones that don’t even have a power switch, for kids of all ages. There was always a thing missing in our reviews, yes! Finally a toy for pets! We thought about writing is pet toy review for one of those more literate pets who might be reading this article sitting right next to you.

The most a cat gets to play with are the toys for kids. But feel sorry for them no more as the Jackson Galaxy Air Prey Wand is here. A toy especially for a cat and as we’ve experienced, our cat loves it.

Cats no matter how tamed they get, have a natural instinct of hunting. It’s more like a game to them. If your cat is one of them hunters then he/she will love to play with Jackson Galaxy Air Prey Wand with a removable laser. It contains a 30-inch retractable cord, 43-inch telescoping length, feathers to give it a feel of a bird, and a removable laser to keep your cat engaged in a fun activity. This toy is a great way to engage a cat with her hunting instincts. If your cat likes stalking birds and other flying objects that your children are usually playing with, they will fall in love with this air prey toy. This exclusive toy for cats is manufactured by Petmate and you can find one within a price range of $15-$20.

Amazon Echo and Echo Dot

amazon-echo-familyWhat do they do?
Basically, Amazon Echo is a cloud-connected speaker with a lot of microphones that are always looking for the command word that wake it up. You say the word “Alexa” and the device get ready to respond to your questions. For example;

Alexa, Who is the American President these days?
Alexa, How is the weather
Alexa, Play Guns and Roses
Alexa, Turn of the fan

You might have gotten the idea. It responds to your queries just like Siri, Cortana and Ok Google do on your smartphone. While Alexa might work on the same concept, it has a lot of other features that these apps don’t. First of all, it’s always listening and is very fast to response. It always learns and improves with its experience with all the users in the home. It also has a connection to Amazon Prime which means that you always have access to Prime Music and can order anything from Amazon. And the best edge that Echo has over your phone is its far-field voice recognition. It can hear your question from any direction with the help of its array of seven microphones even if it’s playing music. In other words, this device is very accurate and responds quickly to all of your questions.

These simple and easy-to-use devices offered by Amazon always keep getting better with use. It answers you questions and does the tasks you ask for. Although its features keep upgrading, some of the current features this awesome device are listed below.

– It plays all of your favorite music from Prime Music, Pandora, iHeartRadio, TuneIn, Spotify and a lot other sources with just a voice command.
– Colors up the room with 360 degrees omni-directional sound.
– Works on voice command
– Can hear you from far a distance in all direction with the help of far-field recognition, even if it’s playing music.
– Answers all questions, can play audiobooks and news, traffic and other reports like weather, sports scores, helps you schedule and also gives you updates about local businesses just by Alexa Voice Command.
– You can control electricity switches, thermostats, and all other smart devices at home with a connectivity option.
– Keeps getting better and smarter adding new features and useful skills. There has been an addition of more than 100 new features and skills until its launch.

Amazon makes sure that Echo stays simple and effective. If you liked its features then you should definitely give it a go. Once you’d have it you would think that why didn’t you have it before. If you have a spare set of speakers then you can go with just the Dot for $89 but if you’re want to buy the Echo (same thing with built-in speakers) then you’ll have to pay an extra $179 for a quality sound experience.